Juda & Lillie

Aidan & Sabine

Joey & katey

Paige & Prashan

Benji & Ana

Phillip and Ceara

Located at Orara Valley Estate, NSW, friends and family gathered from all around the world to join Phillip and Ceara on their special day. What an amazing, joy-filled day! Planned and co-ordinated by the One Day Weddings and Events Team, this wedding is definitely one to remember forever.

Justin and Eleisha

Justin and Eleisha’s wedding  was an absolute pleasure to film. The day was energetic, and full of excitement from start to finish. From the bride's quirky socks to the guests epic end of night dance moves is what made this wedding unique and one to remember. 


From zion - UNPARALLELED comfort

Year 12 Video drama - Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday is a short film that I created for my HSC drama individual project. This film is based on true events that look place in a local retirement village. It explores the life of an elderly man and his daily routines, although we know that not everything in life goes to plan…